My Open Source Projects

I use open source packages all the time in my development, and wanted to contribute back and (maybe) help someone else out as much as I've been helped. So here's a list of the projects I'm currently maintaining. You can click on them to see an example, and also go to the GitHub repo for each as well.

Angular Tag Select

Angular tag select is a component that allows a user to select one or more items (visualized as tags) from a list. There's also the option for them to add a tag if it's not in the list.

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ngx-twitter is an Angular component library that makes it easy to embed tweets in your website. Embed a single tweet or a list of tweets.

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Angular Loaders (ng-loaders)

ng-loaders is a component that provides CSS loading animation components as an angular component. There are several different options, and the color can be chosen by the developer as well.

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sails-hook-docker-secrets is a Sails.js hook that loads Docker Swarm secrets as an object from /run/secrets in the Docker container, and merges them into the sails.config object. GitHub Repo

ASCII Replacer Plugin

ASCII Replacer Plugin is a Sublime Text 3 plugin that removes many common special characters and replaces them with the plain text version. Or, in HTML files, it replaces a plain ampersand with the HTML code for an ampersand.

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Angular 2 Snippets (John Papa)

This package provides snippets for Angular 2 based on the original snippets that John Papa had made for VS Code.

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